We’ll always be hunted.

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I have received some messages (and have seen some messages) about it during the last few weeks and it seemed like a perfect time to get something going as we wait for news on the possibility of the upcoming season; therefore I finally decided on doing a Continuum Appreciation Week, which is set to be from August 25th to August 31st. Here are the prompts for each day:

  • day 1 : favorite season
  • day 2 : favorite moment
  • day 3 : favorite quote
  • day 4 : favorite Non-Kiera Cameron moment
  • day 5 : favorite Kiera Cameron moment
  • day 6 : favorite OTP (or just on screen chemistry)
  • day 7 : favorite fanfiction (or favorite shots, if your not a ff person)

Realizing that everyone has different abilities or resources and because it would be awesome to have the largest amount of participation, so with that in mind I am looking forward to seeing your graphics, gifsets, fics, fanmixes, fanvids, fanart, text posts and anything else you may answer each day.

Remember to tag your posts with #contaw and to put it in your 5 first tags, otherwise they won’t appear in the tumblr search. If you’re a few days or even a month late, it doesn’t matter. Take your time and enjoy doing it, that’s the most important part. Have fun!

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask :)

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happy birthday richard harmon! (18-08-1991)
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Liber8 yourself

Liber8 yourself

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We just received credible information that Liber8’s plan is to attack the execution chamber itself.”

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Continuum – 2x02 Split Second

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continuum + 1x08

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2.02 Split Second

2.02 Split Second

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{1/2} shows you wish were more popular:

continuum (2012 - current)

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