Continuum Poster Series.

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Continuum 3.05 || 30 Minutes to Air

The future is coming. It wants only one thing : Obedience.

"Leading everyone on a merry dance."


Continuum 3.04 || Minute Changes

Each of us has our own responsibility to the truth.

Carlos: You have to be sure of what you believe in, a slogan from 2077 or what’s in here.

Reason #900,517 Why Continuum is amazing

  • Reporter: Mr. Randol, do you have any reaction to the shootings at Lions Gate University? Several of the victims were your followers. Where's your outrage?
  • Julian:
  • Julian: You're gonna twist this, anyway...
  • Julian: Look, LGU students face a crippling driven by corporate needs, not by educational ones. When the students try to point this out, the police roll in. Where's MY outrage? Where's yours?